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11/10/2018 - Update

So, initially, I was planning on getting 60k achievements by the end of last month.


I didn’t finish it, I ended on 57000-ish, I say ish because i got really sick, not hospital sick, but the kind of sick that drains you of your effort and caused my brain to doubt a lot of things. Like carrying on this personal blog.


So i have hit a blip from then until now, but I will get 60k at the end of this month. I am finishing the telltales batman game season 1 now.


I did get Shadow of the tomb raider and that game is beautiful. It was a wonderful game and I am working on the achievements in that. DId get a weird one where I got both parts to upgrade the knife but did them the wrong way round and it didn’t unlock. So that’s a bit of a pain but I liked the game so I’ll be playing this again.


No new games fully completed this month but I’ll be doing more for the rest of the month.


09/09/2018 - New Challenge

Achievements 150718 - back to the future episode 2 Screenshot 2018-09-08 09-39-37

So Augusts goal of getting 55,000 Gamerscore has been finished and this seems like a good time to get another 5,000G in September to make it 60,000G. i'm well on my wayy currently sitting at the score of 56,280g.

I have more of a strategy this time. I've created a spreadsheet that I can use to track Achievements I'm going for and how much they will give me. Hopefully, it'll make this month easier.

I have a few games that are very close to being finished so they'll be my priority, namely Gone Home, due to its 200g for one more achievement and it'll be 100% completed.

My newest game completion rate is terrible with only Season 2 of Minecraft story mode being my 16th game completed.
Let's see how this month pans out.

30/08/2018 - 55,000G CHALLENGE FOR AUGUST

August challenge completed of getting to 55,000.

It was tougher than I thought, I honestly did not have any plans for what achievements I needed to get. so that started a bit of panic playing some games in order to hit the target of 55,000 Gamerscore.

This was done within minutes before midnight thanks to metal slug XX and goat simulator.
I think I'm going to start a spreadsheet that adds up all the achievements and ones I can get for future goals.
Speaking of which, my new goal is 60,000g for October and i had been top of my friends' list for overall achievements this month, this is a win in my book.

I plan on getting the Life Is Strange game to finish that 100%.

I still have a load of games that need to be finished a hundred per cent.

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